Trabajar en Reino Unido | Be an Au Pair in Spain - Trabajar en Reino Unido

We know that for you going abroad as an au pair is an important decision. For us you are a unique person with your feelings and fears. For this reason we will make sure you feel happy, secure and at ease during your stay. We will be looking after you during this time away from your friends and family.


With this program you will be welcomed by a Spanish host family as a member of the family during 1, 2, 3 months (summer) or 6,9,12 (long term).


You will participate in a cultural exchange, immersed in the Spanish way of life. You will look after children while helping them to speak your language.


You will be able to make lots of friends and improve your level of Spanish. If you attend English lessons your CV will also benefit from this.


To explore Spain will give you the opportunity to enjoy a diversity of cultures, landscapes, gastronomy, cities, villages, monuments and architecture.


And at the same time HAVE PLENTY OF FUN!


Why come to Spain as an au pair?

To learn Spanish in Spain is the best way to approach a universal language that is spoken by nearly 500 million people around the world.


Speaking Spanish fluently will bring you great professional opportunities. Remember that Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world after English and Chinese. Spanish is also the official language in 21 countries. In the USA 13% of the population speak Spanish as their first language.


Hundreds of people come to Spain every year to start their studies or to improve their language skills. Spain is a cultural mosaic of antique and modern cultures. You will live the Spanish vitality and its heritage.


Many universities consider that a gap year abroad is a great experience, especially if you study languages or international studies. In a competitive job market, a gap year will make you to stand among the rest of the candidates in a professional interview.


The main reason families decide to host an au pair is because they are interested in learning your native language and culture. They are not looking for affordable domestic help.


Is the most cost-efficient way to travel and learn about Spain.  Living in Spain is very expensive: in Madrid you may pay as an average 1.000€ monthly for an apartment or 400€ monthly for a room, accommodation with a host family and full board may cost 200€ per week.


You will be able to choose different options to attend spanish lessons if you come for the whole year: free lessons, low cost or if you prefer you can attend a quality course at a prestigious university. You will only have to choose if you want to attend, and where.


If you are an EU citizen, you do not need a visa to become an au pair in Spain. With your ID or passport is enough.


What is an au pair?

 “Au Pair” in French means “on par” or “on equal terms” which represents the main objective of the program; to provide “equal” cultural exchange for the au pair and Spanish host families.

Au pairs are young foreign students aged between 18 and 29 years old who want to visit Spain in order to improve their Spanish while living as a member of a Spanish family. The au pair will help with the children, do two evening babysitting, help children get dressed in the mornings, prepare breakfast, taking and collecting them from the school or activities, keeping their rooms tidy, teaching them and help them with your language. On top of this au pair should help with light household duties as: dusting, ironing children clothes, prepare simple meals. In return the au pair will receive 70€ pocket money per week and free board and lodging.

The “Au pair” placement form has existed for many years and is very popular. It is an affordable way to live in another country, learn the language spoken and get a realistic impression of its way of life and culture.


Benefits of becoming an au pair in Spain:

Working Hours: Au pairs can be on duty from 25/30 hours per week max. Or 30/35 as ‘au pair plus’. These hours can be spread in 5 days.

Pocket money: Pocket money must be minimum 70€ per week for 25 hours. For 30 hours the minimum is 85€.

Babysitting: Two evenings babysitting per week are included as part of the programme. One of them can be over the weekend.

Leisure time:  You will have time to attend lessons one or two evening per week. You will have 2 free days each week and should be offered one full weekend off per month.

Childcare:  An au pair is not permitted to have continuous sole charge of children under the age of two.

Room and board:  The au pair receives full room and board from the family throughout the stay

Travelling Costs:  The au pair is required to pay their own travelling cost to and from Spain, unless the family chooses to fund this.

Insurance:  The au pair may take out additional travel/health insurance.

Invitation Letter:  You will receive a written offer from the family covering pocket money, working hours and duties.



Au pair responsibilities:

Child care should be your priority. You may also be required to teach your language to the children.

The au pair’s responsibilities may include:

  • Wake up the children and prepare breakfast
  • Dress them
  • Bath time. Playing with them
  • Prepare simple meals
  • Make their beds and keep their rooms tidy
  • Doing their laundry and ironing
  • Driving/walking the children to school
  • Help them with home work
  • Help them with the language
  • 2 nights babysitting
  • If necessary the au pair should stay at home with the children if they are ill
  • Light House Work in common areas

The au pair’s responsibilities include mainly housework related to the children. You will not be required to clean the whole house or to do the entire family laundry.


How to register:

You should send us our  form filled in, a dear family letter, two reference letters, medical certificate, CRB check, pictures and ID or Passport copies.

You should be mainly interested in Spanish culture and Language. Also a real and honest desire to play and look after children. This will be the key to have a fantastic experience.


Code of Conduct:

We are IAPA members (International Au Pair Association), and we follow their guidelines and international code of conduct. In order to protect both the au pair and the family.


Orientation and Support:

We offer continuous support and orientation to families and au pairs from start to end of their agreement. Is our wish to offer both of you an enriching and unforgettable experience.

24 hours emergency number

We will follow up your stay and if your host family is from Valencia you will be offered an orientation session to help you adjust to the Spanish culture and way of living. You will receive a welcome pack.


Who are our families?

We interview our families and make sure that you are compatible.

Our lovely families are aware about the fact that the au pair program is a cultural exchange. They will treat you as a member of their families and upon your return to your home you will take with you a positive and realistic view of the spanish culture. And also with an improved level of Spanish!

The main interest of our families is for you to teach your Language and play with their children.

Many families live in Madrid, but we have families in other main cities. During summer most families go away for holidays and you will be able to travel with them to the seaside or the mountains.

All families have been screened and interviewed by us and accomplish the following requirements:

  • They are native Spanish families who don’t mind you having a basic level of Spanish
  • They understand you are in a cultural exchange based in childcare
  • You will be invited to dinner, go on excursions and assit events with the family
  • You will have an individual room inside the house
  • They will pick you up at the airport
  • The family will help you to adapt and will go through your routine and duties. They will help you to find spanish lessons and register in the nearest GP. They will also introduce you some friends.
  • You will have continuous communication with both the family and Eurolingua
  • They will have an open mentality and will be committed to integrate you in their way of life
  • They will offer you weekly the pocket money previously agreed
  • They will give you information about the house and how to deal with the children
  • They will limit your working hours to the ones agreed
  • Overtime and looking after an ill child will be compensated
  • If you drive they will include you in their car insurance
  • They will support you during the first 3 weeks so you can adapt to the the language, household duties and the children.
  • In the unlikely event a problem arises and no solution can be found they will give you 2 weeks’ notice.